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Q8 Desserts Review

by Yahalooo on May 24, 2017

I’ve become quite the online shopper this last year. It’s so convenient having all your wants and needs reach your doorstep without having to step foot outside especially now that we are in the peak of summer and it’s super-dee-dooper hot! Now with all the applications which you can download via app and google play stores you can go about your daily needs too, without having to explain to an inexperienced sales person a 100 times what you would like and have the order come in wrong and then call another bunch of people again to figure out what happened that was wrong and how to fix your order and the story goes on & on!


I stubbled across Q8 desserts when I was looking for cakes for Banoota’s birthday and loved that they had Magnolia bakery on it! We love their selection of desserts and were thrilled when we found out that they would deliver within the same day. This was perfect for us. Now to test out the app, we decided to give Banoota’s grandmother an early Mothers Day surprise since Banoota was born on mothers day and ordered a beautiful cake from Magnolia. Now later on, we found out that the cake we ordered although it looked stunning on the outside, was made of red velvet, not something that our family would enjoy during the gathering so we ended up calling the bakery and they were so cooperative in changing our order last minute to another beautiful cake but this time made of chocolate so everyone was thrilled.

The Mothers Day cake, its not available now but I am sure the baker can re-create it up request!

The next two cakes that we ordered were both the same, upon Banoota’s request as she loved her two pink and purple selection from Layers which was also available on the app.

The birthday cake we ordered two for by Layers available on Q8 Desserts App.

For her school’s little gathering, I ordered the cake the night before at 6 PM and requested it be present at the school at 11 AM and it was there, right on time. The second one wasn’t exactly planned, her birthday had passed but she really wanted to share a cake with her cousins in another one of our gatherings so I ended up ordering another cake from Layers via the app at 2 PM and received it at 5 PM exactly, right before we had to leave for our gathering.

We had planned a gathering were Banoota would sell cookies and other goodies at her lemonade stand so I started searching for options to order when I came across a whole section dedicated to customising your own desserts on the Q8 Desserts app! It was perfect, we choose our own design and text for sugar cookies from J’s Bakery, another one of our favourites as they truly care about the quality of ingredients used in their desserts. The only reason we didn’t have our little gathering is because sweet Banoota came down with the chicken pox so we ended up doing it in house and both Baba and I ended up being the customers at her humble lemonade stand.

So you see why or more like read why we love Q8 desserts so much?
1). It’s easy to order and navigate through the website.
2). The bakeries their are some of our all time favourites that you can’t find on other apps.
3). The category section is perfect and makes it easy to find new things based on your needs.
4). They have same day delivery for many of the items and can pay either cash on delivery or online so perfect for sending gifts too.
5). There are many time slots you can choose from for delivery rather than a morning and evening time only.
6). The customisation sections makes it so easy for you to customise your desserts without having to make long phone calls to inexperienced sales people who might end up making the order incorrect.

The App: Q8 Desserts
Website: Link here.
Instagram: @q8desserts
WhatsApp: 90055964

We hope your sweet tooth will be satisfied and happy shopping.

The App or you can visit their website here.

Banoota’s yummy sugar cookies.

Some of the other desserts you can customise

Everything is included in detail, not in the category add it to the comment section in the end.

How cool are these boxes? Each cookie was wrapped up individually.

Some by categories, ready for Ramadan yet?

From one of our lemonade stands a few months ago.

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