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Lady Soft Compressed Line

by Yahalooo on December 22, 2017

Compressed Butterflyww 10pcs 5 2017
If you’ve been following us for a while you will know that Ladysoft is a brand Mama approves of. We love that it’s a local brand, high in quality and easily available everywhere. Moreover, they have many useful product features not available in other global brands that makes them unique.

Recently, they relaunched the brand and changed their packaging adding many updated features and a few new specialized lines aimed at different customers. We love the fact that you can order whatever you’d like from the brand and receive it for free or charge within 24 hours, moreover, you can also get household items and baby products too from their website www.mtcxpress.com and if you’re not a fan of online orders you can give them a call at 24740044.

Back to the new line called Compressed Pads, so what is so unique about it?
1). They are designed to have extra protection. The unique structure including the core give you the highest levels of protection especially when you need it the most which is perfect for active moms.
2). It has a mechanism that enables quick absorption, exactly what all active mommies and working ladies need. It just makes that time of the month more comfortable and you may go about your day worry-free.
3). They have a version designed with wings that are an extra precaution that prevents leakage. Moreover, they are flexible so again super comfortable and perfectly fitting into the lifestyle of active women.
4). They are also super comfortable as they have a soft cotton feel which works perfect for sensitive skin.
5). It has a unique design feature called the Butterfly which basically means that the pads have quadruple wings that secure the pad in place for extra stability. Another perfect little feature that gives all women a guaranteed piece of mind.
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All about MTC Hygiene

by Yahalooo on December 6, 2017

The other day we visited a booth by Darlings in City Center and when we asked you on Instagram & Snapchat about the products 90 percent said that they loved their diapers, wet wipes and bath products too. We received an alarming number of comments comparing Darlings to other global name brands and our followers told us why they loved Darlings too. Amongst some of the reasons were that Darlings did not cause any allergies to their child’s sensitive skin, the diapers did not leak & felt super soft, the products were easily available and so much more.

Personally, we have been using their bath products for a couple of weeks now and loved them. They smell nice, are suitable for sensitive skin and do not cause any irritation whatsoever. The same goes for the wet wipes, we love that they come in a travel friendly packs of 20 that is available in majority of the big supermarkets & all co-ops too.

Darlings is part of a Kuwaiti company called MTC Hygiene. They are one of the leading companies that manufactures a wide range of hygiene products. Some of the umbrella brands under them are Lady Soft, Darlings, Active and Velvet.

The company has received many certificates for its application of the latest technology in manufacturing and is recognized for its strong presence in the hygiene market with a wide variety of products catering to the whole family and household’s needs. It’s products are used in many important facilities throughout of Kuwait including all major government hospitals and more.

So let’s talk about all the individual brands that they offer and some of our product recommendations from each brand. Let’s start with, or more like continue with Darlings. They offer a wide range of products for you and your baby from diapers to wet wipes, creams and powders, lotions and much more. Their products have a lovely fresh scent which is formulated with care so that they are extra gentle for your little one’s sensitive skin.

The wet wipes are one of our all time favorite products and come in 3 different sizes, the pack of 20, 40 and 72 which is ideal for travelling or usage around the house. We love the smell, moist texture and thickness of the wipes. They also suit Banoota’s super sensitive skin. Read the rest of this entry »

Sales at Baroue

by Yahalooo on November 5, 2017

Rumor has it that Baroue is getting a new look soon so the retail department will be closing down very soon. How soon? We have no clue but here are some of our finds in the sales when it comes to toys not to be missed! A good time to stock up on some bribes for your little ones or even birthday gifts to come too.

We love this product, it steams and blends your baby’s food so no need for so many tools. It’s clean, fast and easy to use. We highly recommend it. Read the rest of this entry »

Ladysoft’s New Look

by Yahalooo on October 25, 2017

Since we started yahalooo five years ago we have been all about supporting local brands and small businesses. It is these places that you find priceless gems and unique products that are of high quality which compare to the best global brands in the market. Nevertheless, today we are going to talk about a topic that is for the lovely ladies, mothers and teenagers too.

Ladysoft is a Kuwaiti brand under MTC Hygiene that has received the IZO certification. It has been in the market for more than 30 years now, it is available in all co-ops in Kuwait and many other retailers in the GCC region too. Recently they have launched a new look for their products that is catchy and fresh. The pads themselves are made from the best resources from all around the world produced in their factory which is locally manufactured.

Do what makes Ladysoft super unique?
1). They are a Kuwait brand.
2). Their products are certified and made of the best resources.
3). They are one of the only brands that offer panty liners with wings.
4). They have a range designed especially for teenagers to make their transition into ‘womenhood’ much easier called teens and tweens.
5). They have a very large variety of pads with different features to suit ones needs, for example the butterfly has wings for more protection.
6). The have a range designed with double wings for added protection, so a pad would have a total of 4 wings rather than two.
7). They offer free home delivery within 24 hours with no minimum charge. Just call their number 24740044.
8). If you order online from their website www.mtcxpress.com they have many promotions and bundle packages too. They have a large range of self-care and hygiene products suitable for the whole family and household too.

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by Yahalooo on September 1, 2017

Playdoh is another one of the best activities you can offer children. It is super fun and can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Sometimes Baba & I enjoy using Playdoh more than Banoota does. It can also be non-toxic and chemical free if you do opt to make it at home which is super easy. We have a video on our Instagram account showing you how to do so with ingredients you already have at home.


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Summer activities at home.

by Yahalooo on June 6, 2017

We highly recommend registering children in a summer camp. Even though we have never done it ourselves, we do recommend it for others. We do however have a good excuse, because we have family we travel mostly during summer and its difficult for us to find a timing that is perfect for our needs in a summer camp. Especially since we do have errands to run before and after trips so most of the time we make do with activities at home trying to keep our little one busy.

It is possible to keep them busy but you need to be prepared. Some ideas are super simple and you can basically do it all at home with what you have that we do all the time. Banoota enjoys them so we hope your little ones do to!

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Q8 Desserts Review

by Yahalooo on May 24, 2017

I’ve become quite the online shopper this last year. It’s so convenient having all your wants and needs reach your doorstep without having to step foot outside especially now that we are in the peak of summer and it’s super-dee-dooper hot! Now with all the applications which you can download via app and google play stores you can go about your daily needs too, without having to explain to an inexperienced sales person a 100 times what you would like and have the order come in wrong and then call another bunch of people again to figure out what happened that was wrong and how to fix your order and the story goes on & on!


I stubbled across Q8 desserts when I was looking for cakes for Banoota’s birthday and loved that they had Magnolia bakery on it! We love their selection of desserts and were thrilled when we found out that they would deliver within the same day. This was perfect for us. Now to test out the app, we decided to give Banoota’s grandmother an early Mothers Day surprise since Banoota was born on mothers day and ordered a beautiful cake from Magnolia. Now later on, we found out that the cake we ordered although it looked stunning on the outside, was made of red velvet, not something that our family would enjoy during the gathering so we ended up calling the bakery and they were so cooperative in changing our order last minute to another beautiful cake but this time made of chocolate so everyone was thrilled.

The Mothers Day cake, its not available now but I am sure the baker can re-create it up request!
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Gerge3an does not mean Candy!

by Yahalooo on May 6, 2017

We love Gerge3an and always are keen on celebrating it with our little one. Now with does not mean you have to go over the top and order some sort of fancy overpriced giveaway to show off amongst our family. Nor does this mean we will be picking up some 100 fils bags and fill them with the lowest quality candy just to have something to give away to the children. We always look for something fun, meaningful that most important of all, the children will enjoy.

So a great alternative is looking at birthday favors which are themed and super fun for kids. Banoota loves the little party bags she gets from any birthday she goes too and keeps the little nicknacks as props when she plays with her other toys.

So here are some ideas my cousin set me to put in Gerge3an favors as an alternative to candy. Just some ideas and you can tweak them as much as you’d like.

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Toxin free Sensory Play

by Yahalooo on May 1, 2017

So we are all about quality with Banoota when it comes to anything and everything. We try to ensure that whatever she plays with and is surrounded by has no harmful chemicals at all, the materials used in manufacturing allure toys and gear is all safe. We do the best we can to make sure her environment is as natural as possible but don’t hold us accountable to that as there are a few exceptions here and there of course. No one can be perfect but we do the best we can.

We received this box of fun sensory play items from an instagram account called @sensoryplaykuwait we have tried a couple of them in Kuwait but this one is a little unique as they stock some items which we have not found elsewhere to this date.

Color surprise playdoh, as us mix it, the color continues to change giving it a tie-dye effect which is super color. As the same suggests it really is a surprise and fun for kids to figure out what color or colors they will get next. It also smells of lemons too which is an added bonus.
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The Pipper of Pineapples!

by Yahalooo on April 24, 2017


That’s right! A laundry detergent and fabric softener made of pineapple enzymes…and it really does work! We have been using it for the last 3 months and it has helped tremendously with Banoota’s clothes. She no longer complains and says Mama its itchy, moreover the redness around her neck where the collar is has somehow magically disappeared too.

Pipper is the only Natural Fabric softener in the Middle East, the product itself is made of fermented pineapple fluid that helps clean naturally. Although it does not produce foam as the typical cleansers, it true does clean and soften clothes. It has not effected the quality of Banoota’s clothes, nor has their been an color fading. Amongst the other ingredients are Soy Lecithins, which are basically like soy beans that are commonly used in my cleaning products and have been approved by the FDA. It also contains corn and coconut too which are powerful stain removers and great cleaners.

It was created by a couple who had difficulties finding natural products for their children and you can read more about their story here.
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