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Q8 Desserts Review

by Yahalooo on May 24, 2017

I’ve become quite the online shopper this last year. It’s so convenient having all your wants and needs reach your doorstep without having to step foot outside especially now that we are in the peak of summer and it’s super-dee-dooper hot! Now with all the applications which you can download via app and google play stores you can go about your daily needs too, without having to explain to an inexperienced sales person a 100 times what you would like and have the order come in wrong and then call another bunch of people again to figure out what happened that was wrong and how to fix your order and the story goes on & on!


I stubbled across Q8 desserts when I was looking for cakes for Banoota’s birthday and loved that they had Magnolia bakery on it! We love their selection of desserts and were thrilled when we found out that they would deliver within the same day. This was perfect for us. Now to test out the app, we decided to give Banoota’s grandmother an early Mothers Day surprise since Banoota was born on mothers day and ordered a beautiful cake from Magnolia. Now later on, we found out that the cake we ordered although it looked stunning on the outside, was made of red velvet, not something that our family would enjoy during the gathering so we ended up calling the bakery and they were so cooperative in changing our order last minute to another beautiful cake but this time made of chocolate so everyone was thrilled.

The Mothers Day cake, its not available now but I am sure the baker can re-create it up request!
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Toxin free Sensory Play

by Yahalooo on May 1, 2017

So we are all about quality with Banoota when it comes to anything and everything. We try to ensure that whatever she plays with and is surrounded by has no harmful chemicals at all, the materials used in manufacturing allure toys and gear is all safe. We do the best we can to make sure her environment is as natural as possible but don’t hold us accountable to that as there are a few exceptions here and there of course. No one can be perfect but we do the best we can.

We received this box of fun sensory play items from an instagram account called @sensoryplaykuwait we have tried a couple of them in Kuwait but this one is a little unique as they stock some items which we have not found elsewhere to this date.

Color surprise playdoh, as us mix it, the color continues to change giving it a tie-dye effect which is super color. As the same suggests it really is a surprise and fun for kids to figure out what color or colors they will get next. It also smells of lemons too which is an added bonus.
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The Pipper of Pineapples!

by Yahalooo on April 24, 2017


That’s right! A laundry detergent and fabric softener made of pineapple enzymes…and it really does work! We have been using it for the last 3 months and it has helped tremendously with Banoota’s clothes. She no longer complains and says Mama its itchy, moreover the redness around her neck where the collar is has somehow magically disappeared too.

Pipper is the only Natural Fabric softener in the Middle East, the product itself is made of fermented pineapple fluid that helps clean naturally. Although it does not produce foam as the typical cleansers, it true does clean and soften clothes. It has not effected the quality of Banoota’s clothes, nor has their been an color fading. Amongst the other ingredients are Soy Lecithins, which are basically like soy beans that are commonly used in my cleaning products and have been approved by the FDA. It also contains corn and coconut too which are powerful stain removers and great cleaners.

It was created by a couple who had difficulties finding natural products for their children and you can read more about their story here.
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For the love of Mickey & Minnie Mouse

by Yahalooo on April 20, 2017


The other day baba said Mickey Mouse silly and unrealistic. Both Banoota and myself got offended! We are both hopeless dreams whole love to let our imagination run wild and live happily in lala land. Like the character Joy from the movie Inside Out. Anyhow, Baba had a point, he said its a Mouse who is friends with a duck and they have a pet dog. So when you look at it that way it does make sense, especially with the content of some of the episodes. Nevertheless, we still love Mickey Mouse and there was a point in our lives that Banoota would cry each time she heard the hotdog song because she know the show was over so we had to make sure she we skipped to the next episode or would rewind/fast forward the song. For those who aren’t familiar with what we are referring to, Hotdog is the song that all the clubhouse friends sing as the end of each episode.
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Busy Bag…again!

by Yahalooo on April 15, 2017

This is a topic I get asked to address so much. Children get bored easily and keeping them busy is a challenge. This is such a long topic, there are too many things which you can do with children on a low budget and some many items you can purchase for your littles ones to keep them busy when they are on the go. For now, I’ll share with you what we are currently taking along with us for our 5 year old girl. We have two options now and we do change this up a lot depending on what we have available and how creative Mama is feeling during that day.

Since we got this set of My Little Pony bags Banoota has been obsessed and love to carry them on her own. They are sturdy and open up like a drawer so nothing falls out of them. This is a little bigger than the normal busy bags that we usually carry around. So the number one item that we always have on hand is reusable sticker books. Banoota loves them and they come in so many varieties, shapes, colors and sizes. It’s something both boys and girls can enjoy and is mess free. The one in the photo is from Mumzworld and you can order it from here.
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The magic of sugar sticks

by Yahalooo on April 6, 2017

When at a restaurant or cafe and in need of something to keep your child busy while you enjoy your cup of warm coffee for just 5 minutes since thats how we roll as parents, try using the sugar sticks to keep your little one busy. For those times that you run out of the house quickly without having a chance to pick some activities for your little one and you don’t want to give up your right to use the phone for the next 30 minutes sugar sticks are pretty cool.
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NO to Face paint!

by Yahalooo on March 29, 2017

Now Banoota has super sensative skin and each time she is at an event or birthday party where they use face paint on either her hands or cheeks she asks me to removes it 15 minutes later as it itches her.

Personally, I do not like how most establishments and people use only water as they apply face paint and the same brushes/sponges are used over and over again without being properly sanatized. Even the face-paint pens don’t get a good clean. These are being put on your child’s face, are you really sure you want it there? A bad reaction could leave a mark that won`t go away and will be visible to all. I remember Banoota fell once and had a little scrap right next to her eye and she was so bothered when anyone who saw her would as her what that tiny little mark was. She even started wearing sunglasses to cover it so people wouldn’t see and comment!

So here are a couple of interesting facts about face paint:
1). Most brands of faceprint contain lead.
2). Many brands contain skin allergies like nickel, cobalt and chromium at levels exceeding recommended industrial standards.
3). Not to forget the chemicals in them which have be banned from many counties.
4). Most brands are not FDA approved and finding one is very difficult to get a hold off here in the middle east!
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Banoota is 5 years young now!

by Yahalooo on March 21, 2017

Our little girl has grown up mashAllah and we recently celebrated her 5th birthday. Its been a blessing having her and watched her little personality come together as we do the best we can as parents to guide her along this journey.


So this year we took our little girl shopping to see what she wanted. To our surprise, this time she choose Baroue of all the stores in the avenues. When she was younger we shopped their a lot as they had a lot of baby gear that was not available elsewhere like Dr. Brown. Then we drifted away from the store as she got invested in Magic Planet, Play Q8 and Build a Bear. Now that she has out-grown then she is back to Baroue since they have a wide range of toys she is interested in like The Lion Guard, Toy Story, Doc McStuffins and much more. The store itself can be a little overwhelming since its packed to the roof but if you can get your little one to focus they will find what their little hearts desire.
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Sick days at home activities

by Yahalooo on March 6, 2017

Banoota has been home the last 2 days from school as she got pink eye! Thankfully her case is not severe at all but nevertheless it is contagious so she needs to spend her 3 days at home. We’re on day two, day one was spent doing art projects and today we did a number of activities that keep her happily occupied for a good two-hours after which we did a movie and popcorn post lunch.

To keep her puzzles interesting, we do a rotation and keep them in a cabinet which she cannot reach. Like they say, out of sight means out of mind! Hence when we take out the puzzles she isn’t bored of them and excited each time she plays with them. Here are some of our favorites the are not available everywhere.

We got this one from the Early Learning Centre in the Promenade Hawalli and its one of our all time favourites. Banoota has learnt the steps of prayer with the help of this puzzle, she copies them and recites the correct versus and prayers when she sees each one. This of course took time, we practiced with her and alway join her when doing this puzzle. There is a boys version as well and it cost about 4KD no more. Love the quality of the wood too. Read the rest of this entry »

Out in the park

by Yahalooo on February 27, 2017

There are to things that are somewhat unfortunate in Kuwait. Number one, summer is too long and too hot to enjoy the outdoors. Number two, the vast number of public playgrounds that we have aren’t really kept unto standards, they need maintenance which is not always done.

We have a beautiful park in Yarmouk, Block 2 that was made of recycled art projects. This was about two years ago, since then some of the pieces have been disappearing, others were broken and a few drawn in with graffiti. The bright side is the handful of times we have been to the park, it is very clean.

We love taking outfit shots in the park either early in the morning or just an hour before the un sets. The lighting is perfect and location is great. Notice the green arch made of old car products, one of two in the part that still remain in tact.
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